Build your own experience

Rural carnivals are a must during the winter in the Basque Country

Sheep are the origin of our lovely Idiazabal cheese


Gastronomy, culture, history, arts, modern design, nature, spirituality, sports…  Just tell me what you are interested in and together we will design your tour, if needed, adapted to reduced mobility situations and food intolerances. In fact, there is no need to climb a mountain to enjoy nature or drink alcohol and eat meat or fish to taste Basque food.

Transportation will be included. All tours are covered with an insurance.

WE Got You Covered

unforgettable experiences

Despite its modernity, the Basque Country is so attached to its roots that there are many authentic possible plans to do. We will always check the calendar for the traditional festivals and celebrations while your staying here.

Feels like home

Either you are on holidays or on a business trip, I will adapt  to your needs so that your walk on the Basque side makes you feel like home.

Epic journeys

The Basque Country is so small that if you wish, you could do diverse activities on the same day! Starting your morning by the sea, spending your afternoon in the mountains  and evening in the vineyards!


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