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Hello! My name is Vanessa Sánchez Goñi. I am a Basque TV journalist based in the Basque Country, Spain. I am a passionate traveler, inside and outside my country. The more I get to know my homeland, the more I love it and want to share it.

Journalist and event host

Because of my studies and work as a correspondent, I have lived in the USA, France and China.

I have developed my journalistic career at EITB, the Basque public TV and radio company: as a correspondent in Paris and Beijing, as a special reporter all over the world, and as a news – anchorwoman in Bilbao headquarters. Nowadays I work as a reporter covering political, institutional, economic and social issues of the Basque Autonomous Region. I also present events, mostly for institutions.

I am curious about everything around me. I feel lucky because I had the opportunity to travel a lot and I am capable of adapting to any environment.

I speak fluent English, French, Spanish and Basque, I can also speak Italian and Portuguese, and I know basic Chinese and Arabic.

I love enjoying gastronomy, nature, good conversations and helping others discover my country. So, let´s walk on the Basque side!  

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Some of my stories as a correspondent in Asia

Traveling and volunteering in 2016 in Asia

2016 was my sabbatical year. I wanted to resource my personal life, as well as keep learning more about the world and its people, participate as a volunteer in social projects and communicate that reality. I chose South East Asia for that.

Want to know more?

My personal website during my sabbatical year

100% foodie and Basque


I am very thankful to the producers of txakoli from Álava-Araba Basque province for appointing me as the ambassador for their wine in 2017. Txakoli is a very popular white wine in the Basque Country. Compared to Rioja, it is produced in areas with a high level of humidity. It is a bit acid and sparkling wine. Also a refreshing beverage because you have to drink it cold.

Ambassador for Txakoli from Álava


Many people know me not only for my profession but also for my skills for making good irrintzi-s.

Irrintzi is a popular yell, usually used in celebrations. Just the way it happens with our language, it origins are a mistery but we can imagine at the time there were no smartphones it had a communicative goal, in this land full of mountains and deep valleys.

The video  was broadcasted in EITB, Basque TV news, as way to talk about a scientific research in order to define a pattern to teach how to do an irrintzi and possible benefits of this  yell. I don´t know exactly how it comes out of my mouth but I can assure I feel deeply free and relaxed after I do it!

Irrintzi, the Basque yell, is one of my specialties during traditional celebrations

Listen to my irrintzi in the Idiazabal cheese producers´ video

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